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Discharge Orders

According to my mother, my grandfather Curtis Shephard lied about his age (he added a year) and volunteered for military service during the First World War. He joined the 42nd Division, the “Rainbow Division,” of the U.S. Army in 1917 and went off to fight the First World War in France. In a vest pocket-sized […]

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Enewetak Atoll

Craters on Enewetak (formerly Eniwetok) Atoll, in the Marshall Islands (11°33’11.22″N, 162°20’52.71″E). Lacrosse Crater and Runit Dome: features are approx. 400 feet in diameter. Lacrosse (18:25 4 May 1956 GMT) had a 40 kT yield. Cactus (18:15 5 May 1958 GMT), at 18kT, left a crater that was used for dumping waste and then covered […]

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Buchenwald, May 15, 1945

This post is not about my memory, real or fictitious, but about my father’s indelible experience as one among the many soldiers in the U.S. Army  in World War Two. My father was in the Third Army medical corps in World War Two. His unit was the first non-combat unit to arrive at the Buchenwald […]

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