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New new media media

The operations of digital encoding stretch and fold both media and content. If there’s a horizon between the two, it’s the porous membrane between data and display, not a partition into the meaningful and the meaningless. We should speak about “a media” rather than “a medium”: Inherent plurality drives the digital experience. “New media” gets […]

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Enewetak Atoll

Craters on Enewetak (formerly Eniwetok) Atoll, in the Marshall Islands (11°33’11.22″N, 162°20’52.71″E). Lacrosse Crater and Runit Dome: features are approx. 400 feet in diameter. Lacrosse (18:25 4 May 1956 GMT) had a 40 kT yield. Cactus (18:15 5 May 1958 GMT), at 18kT, left a crater that was used for dumping waste and then covered […]

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Age and Consequence

You were born old and famous and you will die young and unknown. Trace the edge between age and consequence.

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